Variable printing is useful, but are you using it to your full advantage?

I sat in on a webinar from recently and they gave a really good seminar on how to use their services using variable images.  They suggest when you have a customer who you are trying to target you should not be boring them with more about YOU all the time. Instead, change the focus to them!

How so?

With variable printing/imagery this can be accomplished quickly. As long as you are using some type of service to change out the image and wording this should be an easy task. If you are trying to manually do this and you’ve got a large database…well, your wasting your time and need to invest in an agency who can set you up with some sort of CMS system. There are a lot of them out there, is one that I use for my greeting cards. We send them to customers anytime we want to thank a customer after a sale or after a successful meeting and we’re even using them for our holiday cards this year.

So how do you make the variable images work to your advantage?

Let’s pretend that you sell windows.  As a way to better market to your customer, rather than send a direct mail piece that shows photo’s of the windows you sell, why not hire someone to take photo’s of the homes you are trying to target. Now put that image next to an image with the beautiful windows you sell. If you have a home in the neighborhood that you installed windows in, then you can put that image next to the home that is beside the customers home and say something like “You neighbor at 12345 ABC Street loves our windows and so will you!” Ahhhh, now you’re getting it right?

Some of this is simple marketing 101, however, with the new technology available with variable print and variable fields for “Microsites” if you use PURLS (personalized URLS), then this can be accomplished faster and make your marketing campaign that much more successful.

Good luck to each of you in your search for the winning concept!

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