How to get folks to open your emails

Subject lines on email need serious creative development.  You only have 2 seconds for the reader to determine if he/she will open or delete the email.  The worst times to send are weekends and Friday evening.  Do not email on a Monday at all (offering that is).  The trick to the subject line development is to test them first.  Send them to a smaller group of people to see what the response is.  If it does not work – try something else.  Also, make sure you check to see if you are being blacklisted by developing 6 or 7 dummy accounts with AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, MSN etc.  Also, the subject line needs to tell a story quickly that is powerful.  The word miracle entices people to open an email.  Any way you can bring emotions is better.

In an email offer or advertisement, do not talk about yourself.  Talk about the customer and strive for a friendly tone.  When developing the copy for the email, you need to have the relevance and personalization early into the copy.  Don’t be so arrogant to think people will remember you.  You might say in the email “As someone who has attended my Creative Business seminar in the past” so that they realize, oh yes, I was at one of those.  If there is an offer in the email put it in the first line so that the reader knows up front what they are being emailed for.  The way the eye reads an email is: From line, subject line, top line and the p.s.  then if the eye was enticed, they will actually take the time to read the whole email.  So pulling them in early is very important.

Offering steps to get the offer in the body of the text can be a tool.  (Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 call us for an appointment) (this falls true in a letter or email).

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