How Branding Your Company Can Make You or Break You

You may have heard that it’s important to keep your brand in tact when referring to your business. Well, that is true.  You may have also heard that in this economy one wrong move…and your done.

While all of this is very true (and a little scary), there is help! You have to think about your brand and how to keep it consistent over many different forms of media without causing alarm on any of those forums. Make a decision early on as to who you want to be known for and how you can be remembered. These are going to be known as your CORE VALUES. You also want to  get creative and innovative by using the newer and mainstream media such as social media. When you consider these forms of branding for your company, remember that you have a broader audience and that your message will need to be adjusted in a manner that you may not be used to. Conservative companies can remain conservative on social media, but there is a way to do it with humor, tact, and style.

It is necessary for businesses to create marketing campaigns that are so unique that they can cross the different platforms of media without losing their core values. Is this truly possible? YES! Take for instance our conservative client that sold bibles. They wanted to break into social media as a way to start marketing their very conservative brand. Their main marketing campaign had been to discuss quality of their product while educating about religion at the same time. Rather than going on social media platforms and simply saying the same old thing, we chose to create a different, yet similar message by changing it to read in big bold letters:

“Got God?” and show a photo of Jesus with his arms crossed, bible in hand, and looking down from heaven at people. At the bottom of the image was a scripture that changed out depending on the social site (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, FourSquare, etc.)  This image is more fun, yet kept their core values and brand in tact. They didn’t have to go crazy on social media by changing who they are, but they did have to go outside their normal boundaries.

So, how can you expand your branding horizons?

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